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How to Stop Facebook Facial Photo Recognition Tag Requests

Last December, Facebook announced a new facial recognition technology. According to Sophos Labs , Facebook just implemented new security settings to control this functionality.

The Sophos article we linked explains this functionality well. Here is a direct quote:

"There are billions of photographs on Facebook's servers. As your Facebook friends upload their albums, Facebook will try to determine if any of the pictures look like you. And if they find what they believe to be a match, they may well urge one of your Facebook friends to tag it with your name.

The tagging is still done by your friends, not by Facebook, but rather creepily Facebook is now pushing your friends to go ahead and tag you."

If you want full control over the photo's you get tagged in, do the following:

  1. Login to facebook and choose Privacy from the Account settings.

    Facebook Account/Privacy Menu Screenshot

  2. Scroll down until you see the section heading "Things Others Share" then find the item for "Suggest photos of me to firends and press the "Edit Settings" button.

    Facebook Privacy Things Others Share Screenshot

  3. If the dropdown in the middle of the dialog is "Enabled" (Default). Click the dropdown and change it to disabled. Then click Okay.

    Facebook Privacy Things Others Share Dialog Box

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