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Premium Features

Lastpass premium costs $1.00 per month. Billed $12.00 annually. Lastpass premium can be cancelled at any time and you will be refunded a fractional amount in twelfths. LastPass premium opens up some valuable features: Most notably, mobile phone support and Yubikey mutli-factor authentication.

Mobile Phone Support: Lastpass supports all major Mobile Phones. This list includes: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, WindowsPhone and WebOS. It also supports popular mobile browsers such as Dolphin and Firefox.

YubiKey Support is available for premium users.

IE Anywhere Allows users who are not able to download and install software on their computer to access and use their LastPass account.

Add-Free: Premium users are not bothered by advertising.

Priority Email Support: Premium users get priority support via email and if you encounter an emergency escalation to support via phone, and your suggestions for continued development will be given higher weight.


We do not recommend the use of password managers for your highest risk accounts. We only recommend using your memory or notes (in shorthand) see Healthy Password strategies . There is a place for password managers, and Lastpass may be the best choice for users requiring a simple password manager for multiple computers and operating systems.

Lastpass is the the least painful way to manage your passwords. That convenience creates some risk, but for users who currently re-use passwords at all sites, the trade-off is substantially better going to lastpass.

Compared to other plug-in based password managers we've tried, the level of browser integration and synchronization between multiple computers and operating systems is better with lastpass.

The greatest vulnerability of Lastpass is being browser based. Many browser vulnerabilities have the potential to become Lastpass vulnerabilities. Over the past year, there have only been two such vulnerabilities, and Lastpass was stellar in their reaction, transparency and ability to quickly resolve the problem.

Highly technical users may find Lastpass too closed. From this perspective, optionally letting power users select the location of the local vault, when to synchronize local vaults to Lastpass servers and provide the ability to backup local vaults to user selected locations is preferred. Average users would find these settings confusing, so hiding them may be a good choice for their target user.

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