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RoboForm is a commercial password manager. RoboForm is made by Siber Systems, a privately held Virginia company incorporated in 1995. As a commercial product, RoboForm is not free.

RoboForm offers three related products: RoboForm Everywhere, RoboForm Desktop, and RoboForm 2Go. For each of these you must purchase a separate license. RoboForm desktop requires one license per installed computer. RoboForm 2Go requires one license per portable device (USB Key, Portable Hard drive, Flash Drive). RoboForm everywhere requires one license per account. Licenses last until the next major upgrade for the desktop and portable versions. When the new major version is available, you can continue to use the old version as long as you like for no additional charge. Licenses are annual for RoboForm 2Go. RoboForm offers a 30 day trial period, and will prompt you for a license number if you store more than 10 login credentials after 30 days.


RoboForm does not store any data in the cloud (remote servers). Everything stays on your local system. RoboForm offers a RoboForm Everywhere service, which allows you to sync [your passwords] to the cloud, but this is optional and not used unless you purchase the option. It additionally allows you to synchronize your database using your own server.

If you use RoboForm Everywhere, all communications between clients and server is encrypted using SSL. Roboform only stores your encrypted database on the server. Your password is never stored on the server, not even an scambled copy of your master password is kept on their servers. Roboform everywhere servers are stored in a single data center in Fairfax County, Virginia. Roboform reports that this facility has armed guards, backup generators, and connections to multiple internet backbones.

Military grade AES 256 encryption is used. Roboform utilizes DEP in the Windows version. Data execution prevention (DEP) is a set of hardware and software technologies that perform additional checks on memory to help protect against malicious code exploits on Windows computers (XP SP2 and up).


Roboform offers a single password to unlock all other passwords. It does not offer any form of multi-factor authentication. You can create your own form of multifactor authentication by only using the RoboForm2Go product on a secure USB Key, such as (Ironkey) to create your own flavor of multi-factor authentication.

Roboform will generate passwords if you desire and has browser integration with all major browsers (Except 64 bit versions of Internet Explorer). It also offers copy to clipboard and drag and drop functionality.

Roboform runs on all versions of Windows, and OS-X. Roboform offers linux support, but it only supports it through Roboform everywhere and browser add-ons. To manage your password database, you will still require Windows or OS-X

If you use an international character set, RoboForm supports Unicode. It does not support Unicode within the password field itself, but it is supported in all other places. It’s database comes with standard fixed fields for things like username, password, and site, which it calls passcards. It also has its own bookmark manager. It supports notes, which are a single description with free-form text associated to the description. It also has a predefined contact management through it’s identity editor application. The identity editor application has different forms for people, businesses, addresses, credit cards, bank accounts, authentication details, and custom. RoboForm Desktop supports searching across passcords, safenotes, and identity records. The three basic document types in RoboForm can be organized in customizable folders.

RoboForm supports different databases stored under different logins or identities. Multiple people can share a license on a single desktop, but the RoboForm everywhere license is per user.

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In the spirit of full-disclosure, we advocate using your brain and a system to create and remember passwords. We also understand that there are exceptions to every rule. If we were to endorse a password manager, it would be one like RoboForm, which provides the option to only store your encrypted data locally. In the coming weeks we will test drive this application for one week. Our opinion of it will be added to this Review.

Every attempt has been made to fairly represent this product. If you find any incorrect or confusing information, please email errata@HealthyPasswords.com with your information and we will promptly take action to address your concerns.

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