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Secure Notes

Secure notes are ways to organize the various pieces of information that many of us never get organized. There are Free form notes and predefined notes for several common items: Lastpass note types image Lastpass notes screen Notes are synchronized the same way everything else is synchronized. If the local encrypted database is newer than the server copy, the encrypted datbase is sent to the server where an additional salt and encryption are applied.

Password Sharing

Password Sharing is a way to let other lastpass users or family members share a single password without having to reveal the password. This enables one person to control the password, and give access to others without having to tell them the password.

There are many potential applications to this functionality. When you go on vacation and don’t want to check online. Give a trusted individual temporary access through last pass to monitor those important things, and kick back without thinking about work. Password sharing can also be an incredible tool for businesses requiring multiple uses to access a single website login. See Solutions for Big Business Twitter Breaches

Data Import

Lastpass offers an import from over 25 password managers. The most popular supported managers are:
Firefox, 1Password, KeePass, Robform, and Generic CSV file.

Importing from RoboForm – Roboform is probably the Number 1 or Number 2 password manager today. If using Roboform versions greater than 6.9, you must first downgrade to version 6.9.3 or 6.9.2. Once downgraded, lastpass can correctly import your data.

Importing from other password managers – Lastpass has a long list of other password managers to import from. Some of the more popular managers are: Firefox password manager, 1Password, ClipperZ, KeePass, RoboForm, Sticky Passwords.

You may also import from a text file. We tried using import from a text file (csv). We were using the Chrome browser and the screens vary slightly from the user manual, but the import worked without issue.

If you’re currently using a password manager, there’s a good chance you can import to Lastpass.

Data Export

The lastpass export simply creates a comma separated text listing of ( url, username, password, extra, name, grouping, fav). This may then be imported into whatever password manager you wish to switch to. We tried importing into KeePass, and it was not too difficult. If you use a lot of notes, you may have problems exporting from lastpass.

Backup and Restore

Backup and restore are accomplished by using export and import.

Password Generation

For us, password generation is one of the most exiting features of any password manager. The lastpass Password generator works great and gives plenty of flexibility. When creating your account or changing your password, you can select the menu option or simply press ALT+G and a popup or page will appear: lastpass password generation You can then copy the password and paste it into the form. Lastpass creates an entry in your vault for the website with the generated password until you can go back and fill in any extra details.

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