Healthy Passwords



Things to Avoid in Passwords

  1. Is not a dictionary word (even spelled backward).

    Dictionary words should be avoided. One of the first things cracking programs do is try "password". Shortly after they try "drowssap" (password spelled backward).

  2. Internet searches for your any part of the password should not return any meaningful results.

  3. Do not use series like abc or 123 or 321.

  4. Avoid character substitution (like P@$$W0RD) for dictionary words.

    This looks like a good password, but it’s not:

    Cracking programs try character substitutions and will quickly crack this password.

  5. Kids and Pets

    One of the most common passwords is using a child or pet name. This is the first thing someone who knows you will try when breaking your password.

  6. Website Theme

    A recent news event, see "And the winner once again is 123456" hit this one home. After stealing 66000 email addresses and passwords from an "un-named" site, a prominent hacker group posted the loot for anyone to review.

    Viewing the data, it quickly became obvious that many passwords were from a book or writing website. The next day, writerspot.com disclosed the breach. This same trend was found when analysis was performed on a recent Sony hack. One of the databases was for a sweepstakes and passwords were easily guessed using themes such as winner and lucky.

  7. 99% of these

    Jörg Piringer decided to make this video using passwords released during a recent security leak. There are some good one's in this, but most are bad. Warning: Turn down your audio. The synthesized reading sped up makes a loud garbled chatter.

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