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And the winner once again is 123456

Date: 2011-06-16 13:02:26

LulzSec Disclosed 66000 user emails and passwords. We just crunched the numbers and here are the top ten results:

Password -> Count
123456 -> 569
123456789 -> 184
password -> 133
romance -> 88
102030 -> 68
mystery -> 67
ajcuivd289 -> 62 (55 used a lower and 7 used AjcuiVd289)
shadow -> 62
tigger -> 62
123 -> 55

Note: Case sensitivity was not considered in this comparison.

Slots one two and three are expected. Lulzsec did not specify where this data came, and many times passwords can be derived by the context of the site they are for. Looking at this data, it looks like many of the passwords may have come from a source related to books and reading. In the top ten, only romance and mystery fit that theme, but going through the long list, there were many other indications leaning this way.

One very strange password in the top 10 was ajcuivd289. Going through the source, this is legitimately listed for 62 different emails (note: 7 of these used the mixed case variant of AjcuiVd289).

We tried doing some google searches for ajcuivd289 to see what it may be, and surprisingly, this led to the discovery of many sites which have google indexed password lists. We won't disclose those here, but we suggest anyone using that password to change it.

Password Length

Password length was decent. 67% of the passwords in the file were longer than six characters and 50% were at least eight characters. Here's the breakdown on password length:

31% -> 6 characters
26% -> 8 characters
17% -> 7 characters
10% -> 9 characters
6.5% -> 10 characters


Password complexity was very bad in this data.

From worst to best
numbers only --> 20%
letters only --> 44%
numbers and letters --> 35%
letters and special characters --> 1%
Numbers, letters, and special characters --> 1%

Category: Breach

Subcategory: Passwords

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