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How to use a Verisign VIP Token with Ebay

Verisign displays eBay as a VIP multi-factor token participating site, but ebay doesn't seem to highlight the option. Here's how to make it work.

  1. You must first have a paypal account associated to your ebay account.

  2. Next you have to activate a token on paypal.

  3. Go to your Paypal account then select the “My Account” tab.

  4. From the “My Account” tab, select “Profile” then select “More Options” from the dropdown.

  5. Select My Settings and then click the link to the right of Security Key / Manage my security keys (the link may vary. Here it was update)

  6. Select Get Security Key

  7. Select the appropriate option. You can order your token from here also, but you may want to just try the cell phone app. Phone apps run the VIP software on your phone or PDA. VIP supports Android, BlackBerry, Iphone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, and Other phones. According to Symantec, “VIP Access for Mobile now supports more than 90 popular mobile phone models including all the popular BlackBerry models as well as the Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson”

    We tested this using a plain old Verizon BREW-enabled clamshell phone. To find the software, we had to use the phones browser and go to m.verisign.com. It then instructed us to use the phone’s search for software feature to search for “VIP Access”. We found the application, and were able to download and install it with just a few button presses on the phone. We then added VIP Access application to a shortcut key. The application works great. Running it displays the number just as the tokens do.

    If you download the VIP app to your phone, you will select the third option as if you had another VIP device.

  8. Enter your security key’s serial number, and six digit codes following the on-screen instructions.

  9. Select Activate on Ebay. This will take you to an ebay page where you enter associate the key with ebay.

  10. The next screen will ask you to sign into ebay using your username / password.

  11. The next screen will prompt you for the device ID, and the next two codes from the device. If you are using a software device, such as a phone, the device ID is labeled as the "Credential ID".

  12. If this is successful, you will be taken to My Ebay's account page with a message saying you've successfully registered your Paypal Security Key

  13. To be sure you have it working right, log out and log back in.

    The first login screen will look the same as the usual login screen. Enter your username and password

  14. The second login screen is new. This is where you enter the six digit code from your VIP device.

    This screen offers a time saving tip. It suggest adding the six digit device code to the end of the password on the first screen. I tried this and it works

Multi-factor authentication is the best form of security we have right now for website authentication. We suggest everyone use it whenever possible. Anyone with a compatible phone can download a free verisign VIP software token. I've been using one for several days now and it works great. In fact, I like it much more than the other keychain fobs I already have. It's fast, easy and the number displayed is much easier to read than the little LCD displays on the keychain fobs. For more information on Verisign VIP, look at Symantec / Verisign Personal Identity Portal Beta. Towards the end of the article is a good explanation of VIP.

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