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How To Setup Google 2-Step verification

The Google GMail two-step sign-up process is very simple.

  1. Select Settings from the upper right hand corner.

  2. Select the account Account tab from the settings main screen area.

  3. Select Google Account Settings from the hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

    Note: Your setting may appear different. This user’s account settings are very different from the previous users:

  4. The Personal Setting page will appear.

  5. Select Using 2-step verification.

  6. The login screen will appear. Reenter your password.

  7. The 2-step verification screen will appear.

  8. The two-step verification screen will appear.

  9. Click on setup 2 step verification.

  10. From the dropdown select the appropriate phone.

    Fill the information on this field. My cellphone is very slow for text messaging and I do not have a good text messaging plan, so I use voice calls. If you use voice, immediately after pressing send code, your phone will ring and a voice will speak the five digit code. After entering that code, press verify and a green check mark will appear. Then click next.

  11. The confirmation screen will appear. Press next to continue.

  12. A listing of backup codes will appear. After printing and checking Yes, next will be available. Press next. The backup screen will appear.

  13. Select a backup phone and verify the same way you did the primary then click next.

  14. The final screen will appear. If you don’t press the big blue Turn on 2-step verification button, it will not be active.

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