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Everything About Passwords and Internet Security

Technical advice for non-technical people !

Password Strategies

Password strategies are various ways to use your brain and simple notes as the only storage medium for all your passwords needs.

Password manager Reviews

Password Managers are software that store all your passwords and automatically fill form fields for you. By using a password manager, you can create one really strong password, and then let the software automatically generate super strong random passwords for all the other sites.

Password Strength Checkers

Strength checkers help you to validate strong passwords. These are not perfect and normally don't check for dictionary words, so use them with caution.

Password Hashers

Password hashers run weak passwords through algorithms embedding site names to create complex hashed passwords. For example, healthypasswords.com with the password 123456abc, becomes hekyPoOSr7U.

Password Worksheets

Password worksheets are templates you use to device an overall password strategy.

Good Security Sites

Sites listed here are great security related sites geared towards regular people.

Keeping Passwords Safe

The best password system in the world won't help you if you insecurely use and store your passwords. This section will teach good password management practices.

Password Journal Reviews

Password journals are small notebooks formatted for organizing your passwords. They all have a-z indexed pages for web sites. Some have special sections for common network devices.

New Short URL Expander!

If you have not heard, short urls can be dangerous. Try our new URL expander. It includes Googles Safe Browsing information on every search.

Safe WiFi™

Wireless is great for staying connected, but it can also be dangerous. Learn how to keep it safe.

Webmail Security

If webmail is where password reset messages go, it must be treated as a highest risk level site. Currently Gmail is the only wemail offering free multi-factor authentication.

Other Website Security

Many sites offer robust security. Knowing how to configure those sites is not always obvious. This section will help you navigate.




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